Superhero Day

Superhero Day

CHOICE likes to give back to the community and recognize those who have made GOOD CHOICES.

With the help of #UniontownPoliceDepartment Sgt Jamarus Allen, we recognized 10 super heroes(6 women and 4 men) on #SuperheroDay. These individuals had worked tirelessly over the last month to ensure the citizens of Uniontown has access to food, internet and other resources during #COVID19. Moreover when the law enforcement approaches you, it’s normally something “negative” even if it’s running a stop sign. So today we not only shine the light on our community servants, we show that the involvement of #lawenforcement can be positive.

Due to the surprise nature of this adventure, we are not able to share all videos and photos. Do know we had a lot of fun, especially the traffic stop.

Thanks to each of you for helping make our mission a success. You are an AMAZING SUPER HERO!

Sgt Allen thank you for helping us make this adventure a real success. We also thank Erica Garner and her family for financially supporting us that we may serve those who serve us.

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