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Our Mission

C.H.O.I.C.E. strives to create collaborative partnerships to ensure youth have access to resources that provide quality programs, activities, and services in six (6) key focus areas: (1)Workforce Development (2) Mentoring (3) Education (4) Cultural Arts (5) Health & Wellness (6) Athletics & Recreation

Community Resource Center

CHOICE Resource Center located at 60 Hamburg Duncan Rd, Uniontown, Alabama. We serve as the community hub for charitable and educational resources by offering

resources to increase self-sufficiency, employability, and the overall quality of life of the people within the community.

Monday through Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm

Employment Openings

You can submit your resume and cover letter to info@choiceuniontown.org please make sure to include your Name and Position in the subject line.
Employment Application (Requires Google Account)

Volunteer Coordinator (Part Time) Job Description
Resource Coordinator (Full Time) Job Description
Finance Coordinator (Part Time) Job Description
Support Specialist – (Part Time) Job Description


Our Founder - Emefa Butler

Coupled with over 12 years in the financial industry, Emefa spent countless hours displaying her passion and desire to serve others. Her service included helping people execute their purpose, organizations fulfill their mission and businesses improve efficiencies. As she journeyed through her career and labored voluntarily, she realized that her work was not only a passion but a “dream to be realized”. In 2009, she founded C.H.O.I.C.E. and built a team of people who were willing to commit to others and believed enough in the community to “be a resource and give back”. Influenced by the organization’s foundation, volunteers willingness to serve, a leader with a creativeness and innovative spirit, C.H.O.I.C.E. is growing into the resource based platform that was envisioned by Emefa. After raising her son in Birmingham, Alabama and seeing him through his first year of college, Emefa kept her commitment to God. She relocated back to her hometown of Uniontown, Alabama with one mission-“to make a difference”. She often shares that her decision was a “leap of faith after realizing that her success was not measured by her salary but her impact.” Emefa’s attitude of hope drives her level of perseverance and strengthens her ability to overcome life’s greatest challenges and highest obstacles.

Board of Directors


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